California Engagement Session

Traveling with Case Photography!

With California being such a beautiful place, we think it only makes sense to capture your beautiful relationship while utilizing whats only a couple of hours away. 

The California Engagement Session is designed for the true adventurist who is willing to do anything it takes to help compose the perfect image! Ok, well maybe not anything, but close!

This is something that we offer to those who wish to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in California.  This session is normally a two to three hour experience where we get to explore the area together and make beautiful memories.  We do not limit you to a certain number of outfit changes or just a single location.  For example, if we travel to Carmel, we may shoot in Carmel as well as surrounding cities such as Monterey & Seaside.  After a few hours and once you both feel great about what we've created together, we will call it a day!